Trauma Recovery Therapy

Trauma can be defined as a person’s response to an unusual unexpected event or series of events, or a misuse of power or control that causes deep distress.

Trauma can be:

  • Acute – from a single distressing event such as an accident, assault, natural disaster or something that has happened within your work or family environment
  • Chronic – from exposure over an extended period to multiple, long-term and/or prolonged distressing events, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect or bullying
  • Complex – from exposure to multiple traumatic events or experiences, such as childhood abuse, satanic abuse, religious abuse or family disputes
  • Vicarious (also known as Secondary Trauma) – from indirect exposure to a traumatic event, such as witnessing a road traffic accident, house fire or abuse of another person.

When you’ve gone through something traumatic, it can seem like you’ll never feel safe again. It may also contribute to symptoms of depression, panic or anxiety.

But whether the trauma happened yesterday or years ago, with expert therapeutic support you can find a way to heal, to address painful memories, to understand and minimise any painful, recurring emotions, and to move on.

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Have you experienced something that overwhelmed you and now you are finding it difficult to move on?

Do you feel constantly on edge and can no longer relax? Is it hard for you to enjoy the good things in your life? Do you dissociate? That is, do you sometimes feel detached from your body or feel as though the world around you is unreal?

Do you wonder if you are suffering symptoms of unresolved trauma and have no idea what to do about this? Perhaps you have been too anxious to even consider therapy?

If you would like support in processing and getting past what has happened to you, as a BACP therapist experienced in this area, I can help.

Jacqueline Colligan, BA (Hons), MSc, Dip Couns. MBACP

Counselling & Psychotherapy

I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist, trained in London, educated to Masters Degree level, and a professionally registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Originally, I worked in Behavioural Healthcare Science and Organisational Psychology as a Public Health Academic, lecturing and researching at Newcastle University Medical School and on the University of Durham MBA Programme. As a result, I have authored numerous academic papers on changing health behaviours, and have several high ranking publications in these fields of study.

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