In case of emergency

A crisis or emergency may mean that you feel no longer able to cope with or control a situation or difficulty you are facing.

In an emergency: Call 999

You can ask to stay on the line while you wait for help to arrive or go to your nearest Accident and Emergency department (A&E).

​If you already have a crisis team number, call it.​

  • The Samaritans:  Can be contacted by phone or email 24/7 and some branches also offer face-to-face support
  • MIND: Have many downloadable leaflets such as ‘Understanding Depression’ and ‘Coping with Panic Attacks’
  • The National Self Harm Network: A 24-hour forum to Support individuals who self-harm to help reduce emotional distress and improve their quality of life
  • Male Advice Line – Men’s Development Network:  Confidential advice and support line for male victims of violence and abuse
  • BEAT: The UK’s National Eating Disorder Charity
  • Relate: Counselling for every type of relationship
  • Sexual Abuse Support Centre: Free, confidential and non-judgemental support service for survivors who have experienced rape, assault, incest, sexual abuse, sexual harassment or any form of sexual attack, whether physical, verbal or emotional
  • Papyrus: This is a UK national charity aiming to prevent young suicides
  • The Mental Health Foundation: A useful source of information including podcasts on relaxation and all sorts of topics related to mental health
  • Families for Life: Supporting and empowering families to combat radicalisation.
  • Paladin: National Stalking Advocacy Service
  • Mankind Initiative: Help for men to escape domestic abuse
  • Walking With The Wounded: Walking With The Wounded supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to reintegrate back into society and sustain their independence.​
  • Anxiety UK: A useful source of information on anxiety issues
  • CALM: A leading movement against male suicide
  • NHS Help for suicidal thoughts
  • Rethink Mental Illness: Rethink Mental Illness improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness
  • BBC Action Line: A wide source of information and resources


We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information found at any of the linked sites above. Each organisation will have its own confidentiality policy and way of working. If you have any concerns, ask the organisation you are contacting for further information.

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